Town of Greenwood
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Mayor's Report

Keeping your yard mowed and clean.
Planting trees or plants in your yard. Trees raise your property value and add beauty.
Removing inoperable vehicles and other unused items from lawn or street. It kills the grass and attracts rodents and snakes.
Not dumping trash and junk, especially tires, on vacant lots. This attracts rodents and mosquitoes.
Not littering. It hurts the image of the neighborhood.
Not playing music too loud.
Painting the outside of the home when it needs it.
Keeping pets on your property unless on a leash.

As a homeowner or renter, it is your responsibility to keep the property clean. Good neighbors make good neighbors!

Mayor Frank Stawasz

Mayor Frank was sworn in on Thursday,​  July 2020, in the town hall chambers by
​Eugene W. Bryson, Judge First Judicial District Court.