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We are also installing two large coverings on the property located near Boothill Speedway. Our plan is to transform those 15 acres into a community venue - complete with a park, band stand stage, and walking track. Of course this will require time and money, but Senator Barry Milligan has proven to be very helpful to us during the process of acquiring state appropriated funding. 

 Greenwood’s Aldermen are doing a great job at working together and accomplishing much. They recently increased employee salaries by $2 per hour and initiated a retirement plan for the non-police employees that were not previously covered. Currently, the Board of Aldermen (soon to be known as the ‘Town Council’) is in the process of amending the 2021 Budget and reviewing our 2022-2023 budget. 

 In closing, I want to assure you that, in spite of the ups and downs I have faced recently, I am keeping my finger on the pulse of our town and anticipate a bright future. Your continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated. 

 I look forward to seeing what the future holds for our community!


Mayor's Report

​Dear Neighbors, 

It has been a season of many changes for me and I would like to thank you for your support. The loss of my wife, Susan, was more difficult and devastating than the stroke that I suffered in May of 2021. I never realized how great of a partner, mother & sounding board Susan was until I lost her, initially to Alzheimer’s and then again to the Heavens. In my heart she will always remain. 

While there is still uncertainty about the residual effects that the stroke had on my body, I know that the deficit in my visual field of my left eye is permanent and will hinder my ability to repair clocks and drive a vehicle. However, I’m confident that I am capable of making competent decisions that are in the best interest of our town and its residents.  

Our Mayor Pro-Tem, Alderman Brad Edwardes, stepped up without hesitation and has been overseeing daily operations in my absence while keeping me updated on construction & grant projects. I appreciate his dedication. I would also like to thank Alderman Justin Davis for monitoring our ongoing construction projects.

 I am pleased to announce that the Veterans Memorial Wall is currently under construction and I urge you to go by the town park and visit where it is being erected.  

Mayor Frank was sworn in on Thursday,​  July 2020, in the town hall chambers by
​Eugene W. Bryson, Judge First Judicial District Court.

Town of Greenwood