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Jennifer Wilson, LDHH/OPH DWRLF Program Manager; Alan Offner, Foley & Judell, LLP; and David Wolf, Adams and Reese, LLP, DHH Counsel, present Veronica Brown, Town Clerk, and Mayor Frank Stawasz a check for the water plant expansion and distribution project.

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Since the passing of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 the United States Environmental Protection Agency has passed many regulations requiring public water systems to produce safer and safer drinking water to protect the health and welfare of consumers. In an effort to require water systems to produce safe drinking water it is equally important that those same efforts in requiring water systems to protect the integrity of safe drinking water when it leaves the production and treatment facilities and enters the water distribution system that conveys this water to your homes and businesses. 


Informational Video Link

Informational Video Link​​

  • Teri Newsom, Water Clerk 318.938.7261
  • Ken Bardett, Utility Supervisor
  • Josh Bertrand, Field Supervisor 318.464.1481
  • Anthony Borner, Field Services
  • Allen Meadows, Field Services
  • ​Louis Rodney, Field Services
  • ​After Hours Water 318.208.4693