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Teri  Newsom

Jennifer Wilson, LDHH/OPH DWRLF Program Manager; Alan Offner, Foley & Judell, LLP; and David Wolf, Adams and Reese, LLP, DHH Counsel, present Veronica Brown, Town Clerk, and Mayor Frank Stawasz a check for the water plant expansion and distribution project.

Water Department Staff & Numbers

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First look at Greenwood's New Water Plant

  • Teri Newsom, Water Clerk 318.938.7261
  • Ken Bardett, Utility Supervisor
  • Josh Bertrand, Field Supervisor 318.464.1481
  • Anthony Borner, Field Services
  • Allen Meadows, Field Services
  • ​Louis Rodney, Field Services
  • ​After Hours Water 318.208.4693

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