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The mission of the Greenwood Police Department is to attain the

highest quality of life and security for all who live,work, visit and

travel through Greenwood.

The department is proactive in working with the community to

maintain a high quality of life by responding to and preventing

crime, promoting a safe environment, and enforcing laws while

safeguarding the constitutional guarantees of all. 

We are committed to serving the community with integrity,

impartiality, sensitivity, and professionalism.

To fulfill our mission, we must nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest degree of ethical and professional behavior. 
To achieve this mission, we commit to these specific values:

- We value our employees and have confidence in their training and abilities;

- We value the law and are committed to the protection of individual human rights;

- We value public service and are committed to continuous service improvement;

- We value community opinion and response as a means of identifying and addressing
- public safety and quality of life issues;

- We value courtesy, compassion and respect.


  • Supervisors: 
    Chief Shayne Gibson
    Lt. Jerry Steele, 
    Sgt. George Shaul
  • Shift Leaders:
    Cpl. Christopher Faris,
    Sr. Ofc. Brian Anderson,
    Sr. Ofc. Dale Harris, Jr. 
  • Officers: 
    Ofc. Shawn Fertenbaugh,
    Ofc. Tanisha Wlliams,
    Ofc. Mackenzie Fisk,
    Ofc. Mark Trenor
  • Support Personnel
    Ashley Noble​

Chief Gibson

Please help keep Greenwood green. Don't be a litter bug!

Phone: +1.318.938.7261

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Greenwood Police Dept.